November 5, 2010   “The Grinch” to Receive a “Glee” Makeover

When you hear someone described as being “cuddly as a cactus and as charming as an eel,” chances are, you think of the Grinch. And then you may well think, “OMG, that sounds just like Glee-clubber Sue Sylvester, too.”

At least the series’ creator, Ryan Murphy, seems to have thought so.

We’re hearing the Fox hit’s Christmas episode will be titled “Sue the Grinch” and will revolve around the coach’s attempts to sabotage the holidays at McKinley High. And yes, the Grinch’s iconic theme song will get a Sue-centric remake. (Source)

October 27, 2010   “2.05 – The Rocky Horror Glee Show” Caps Added

I’ve added screen captures from the last night’s “Glee” episode titled, The Rocky Horror Glee Show. What did everyone think of the episode? I absolutely loved it, every second of it! Head over to the gallery for all the latest additions.

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October 25, 2010   E! Online “Glee” Spoiler

E! Online has posted a small Glee spoiler. Take a look below on what fans can … or can’t expect this upcoming season! (Don’t read if you do not want to be spoiled)

Dennis: What’s the word on Puck and Rachel on Glee? I’m so tired of all the Finn and Rachel news. When are Puck and Rachel getting back together?
Sorry, but Ryan Murphy was totally serious when he said that there’s nothing in the works for Puck and Rachel anytime soon. My condolences to any and all Puckleberry lovers. Something tells me someone is getting some lovin’, though. Though Ryan wanted to keep the storyline as much of a secret as possible, my frenemy reveals that Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” lends further proof that eventually, they will be more than friends.

October 24, 2010   “Time Warp” Sneak Peek

How excited is everyone for this week’s “Glee” episode?! For those like me that cannot wait to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show brought to life on the Glee set, you can watch a sneak peek of “Time Warp.” This is sure to be one of the best episodes Glee has ever done!

October 10, 2010   White House Visit & Glamour Shoots

Just added shoots of Jenna, Dijon Talton, Kevin McHale, Harry Shum Jr., & Dianna Agron visiting the White House as well as the Glamour shoot with Jenna, Dianna, Amber Riley & Lea Michele.

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October 6, 2010   “2.02 – Grilled Cheesus” Screen Captures Added

I’ve added screen captures from the latest episode of “Glee” titled, Grilled Cheesus. What did everyone think of the episode? Were you like me and cry? Head over to the gallery for all the latest additions.

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October 6, 2010   A “Glee/The Office” Crossover Episode in the Works?

Okay, so maybe “crossover” is the wrong word. But an entire upcoming episode of The Office will be dedicated to the Dunder Mifflin staff getting together to watch Glee.

Bizarre, right? And brilliant!

Unfortunately, according to an Office source, no Glee actors will actually appear in the episode. Which means that no, Dwight will not get pantsed by Puck. (Curses!) (Source)

September 29, 2010   Ask Ausiello “Glee” Spoilers

Ask Ausiello has posted even more “Glee” spoilers fans can look forward to! He even answers a Quinn related question and when will fans be able to see that long-promised Madonna episode sequel! Find out below:

Question: Let’s assume Chord Overstreet’s Sam is not a love interest for Glee’s Kurt, and Darren Criss is. Well, who will Sam be paired with? —Jeff
I’m hearing single mom Quinn. But if you’ve got a better idea, the comments section below has your name written all over it, Jeff.

Question: Is Mike Chang going to get a solo on Glee? I’m swooning over his dancing (and now his abs!), but a solo would just be the icing on the cake. —Kraig
He’ll get the next best thing to a solo in episode 4: a duet with Tina!

Question: With the Britney tribute episode and talk of possible Michael Jackson or Bruce Springsteen episodes, when the hell are the folks at Glee going to do a second Madonna episode? I want my Madge! —Dan
Not this season, apparently. Word on the street is that the Super Bowl episode will be the last tribute we’ll see this season. Of course, given the record ratings the show got with last night’s Britneypalooza, the word on the street could change, and fast.

Question: Any truth to the rumor that Glee‘s post-Super Bowl tribute episode will be a sequel to Britney/Brittany? —Taylor
If by “any truth” you mean “no truth whatsoever,” yes. Otherwise, not so much. BREAKING GLEE NEWS: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Charice will reappear in episode 7!

September 29, 2010   “2.02 – Britney/Brittany” Screen Captures Added

I’ve added screen captures from the Britney Spears themed episode of “Glee” titled, Britney/Brittany. I loved this episode even more than the Madonna one! It was nice to see a glamorous Britney Spears make an appearance as well! Head over to the gallery for all the latest additions.

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September 28, 2010   New Look!

Jenna Ushkowitz Online now has a new look, finally! Hope you like it – a new gallery layout should be up soon! Stay tuned.

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