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Thanks to Helen, I’ve added over 60 photos of Jenna at the Beverly Center’s Chinese New Year Celebration!


juw_CNY_009.jpg juw_CNY_020.jpg juw_CNY_027.jpg juw_CNY_059.jpg

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I’ve added 21 HQ photos of Jenna attending the EW SAG Pre Party earlier tonight


juw_2014EWSAG_013.jpg juw_2014EWSAG_011.jpg juw_2014EWSAG_005.jpg juw_2014EWSAG_001.jpg

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I’ve added three absolutely adorable photos from shoots Jenna did back in 1994-1995 to the gallery! All three photos are HQ. Also in one of the photos is High School Musical‘s Corbin Bleu.


juw_050_001.jpg juw_050_002.jpg juw_050_003.jpg

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I’ve added three new outtakes from a shoot Jenna did in 2011 to the gallery – two are HQ, and one is large quality. I’ve also replaced some of the older photos with larger versions, including two with HQs.


juw_25_006.jpg juw_25_007.jpg juw_25_008.jpg juw_25_005.jpg

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I’ve added 120 HQ photos of Jenna at last night’s TrevorLIVE Event, where Jenna’s Glee costar Jane Lynch was honoured.


juw_TrevorLIVE_007.jpg juw_TrevorLIVE_024.jpg juw_TrevorLIVE_041.jpg juw_TrevorLIVE_068.jpg

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I’ve added 13 HQ photos of Jenna attending the private event at last night’s Beyonce concert!


juw_boohoobeyonce_009.jpg juw_boohoobeyonce_010.jpg juw_boohoobeyonce_011.jpg juw_boohoobeyonce_006.jpg

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I’ve added all the missing caps, stills and promos of Jenna in Glee’s fifth season to the gallery! Thanks to for the caps


juw_GleeS5_002.jpg juw_Glee-5x04_185.jpg juw_502_009.jpg juw_507_003.jpg

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I’ve added 26 HQ photos of Jenna on the red carpet of the 2013 AMAs!


juw_2013AMA_001.jpg juw_2013AMA_017.jpg juw_2013AMA_023.jpg juw_2013AMA_026.jpg

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Thanks to Claudia, Ann and Helen, I’ve added 40 HQ photos of Jenna at the Midori Green Halloween party


juw_MidoriHalloween_002.jpg juw_MidoriHalloween_006.jpg juw_MidoriHalloween_004.jpg juw_MidoriHalloween_008.jpg

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