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I’ve added all the missing caps, stills and promos of Jenna in Glee’s fifth season to the gallery! Thanks to for the caps


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As part of my plans for the Glee hiatus (make this site as complete as possible!), I’ve added over 3000 screencaps, stills, and promotional photos of Jenna in Glee’s fourth season! Seasons 1-3 will be coming soon


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  Season three of “Glee” may have ended with some favorite characters graduating, but Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz and Darren Criss are part of the crew who will be sticking around the McKinley High choir room for another school year. The trio caught up with MTV News before their panel during San Diego Comic-Con to talk a little bit about season four.

“It’s definitely a new structure in a way, but it’s still the same old ‘Glee’ because you still have the choir room,” McHale said. “It’s just in addition you’re going to have all the kids who graduated and you’re going to see New York a lot and all that going on.”

According to Ushkowitz, confirmed season four guest stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson will be part of this expansion into New York, where former New Directions standout Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) will be attending the NYADA. Graduation also sent other McKinley alumni setting out to various areas throughout the country.

Despite McHale joking that “we know everything” about the next season, the cast revealed that they had not yet read any scripts for season four.

“We’re just as curious as you are,” Criss said. “We have no idea.”

“We’re excited for the panel because we feel like we’ll learn some stuff there,” Ushkowitz said.

The “Glee” stars said they have used the Internet to get intel on what’ll be happening on their own show before, but Criss said that the cast members “always learn” new things about the show while doing press events. McHale joked about putting pressure on executive producers Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk to answer all the questions at the upcoming panel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter recap of the “Glee” panel at Comic-Con, Brennan and Falchuk did indeed discuss details of season four, such as what life will be like in the new locations for the graduated students, including Rachel in New York, Finn (Cory Monteith) in the Army, and Santana (Naya Rivera) at the University of Louisville, and also some things in store for those staying behind at McKinley. Falchuck also elaborated on Hudson’s role as an instructor at NYADA during the panel, according to THR.

Ushkowitz, McHale and Criss will all be part of the rising senior class for when “Glee” makes its season-four debut on September 13, and there are some high hopes for them as they take their place among the oldest students at McKinley.

“We rule the school,” McHale told MTV News. “Hopefully.”



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